Causes and Diagnosis

How to get rid of baby acne?

If you are looking for information on how to get rid of baby acne then you will want to know the correct steps in order to remove the skin blemishes that you are facing. There are a number of different treatment options available to you which can help you to get rid of this skin condition, but you will need to be able to deal with it correctly in order to make sure that your baby does not suffer from any scarring. The first step in dealing with baby acne is to see your doctor as they may have a […]

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What causes butt acne?

butt acne treatment

How does a person know what causes butt acne? In the first place, it’s a kind of acne that occurs in the skin. Butt acne occurs when the skin of the butt is excessively oily. This causes pimples to appear on the cheeks, the sides of the butt, and the lower back. Causes of this type of acne differ from person to person. The following paragraphs will give you information regarding the causes of butt acne. Excessive oil on the skin of the buttocks can be caused by being obese or having too much skin to skin contact with other

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What does forehead acne mean?

acne vulgaris

The term “Forehead Acne” is often confused with other types of facial acne such as Acne Vulgaris. Many people also have the mistaken misconception that “forehead” means a small area around the mouth or chin and it is because of this that many people have misconstrued the meaning of the word. Forehead acne refers to acne on the skin surrounding the face. It is actually more prevalent in teenagers than in adults, however. People with fair skin are at a higher risk of having acne on their face than people who are dark-skinned. There are several factors that can cause

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