How to cover up acne with makeup?

acne treatment with makeup applied

So you want to know how to cover up acne with makeup? Is it something that you have been asking yourself for a while? Have you had enough of those expensive over the counter remedies that do not work and just leave you with more pimples than before? If so, then you may be in for a surprise. Acne can be a very embarrassing condition for many people. The last thing that you want is to have to go out in public with someone who has acne on their face. However, you may want to cover up the scars that […]

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What does forehead acne mean?

acne vulgaris

The term “Forehead Acne” is often confused with other types of facial acne such as Acne Vulgaris. Many people also have the mistaken misconception that “forehead” means a small area around the mouth or chin and it is because of this that many people have misconstrued the meaning of the word. Forehead acne refers to acne on the skin surrounding the face. It is actually more prevalent in teenagers than in adults, however. People with fair skin are at a higher risk of having acne on their face than people who are dark-skinned. There are several factors that can cause

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